“That’s a good rule, no matter who the chemist is.”Dookhan wrote e mails and spoke on the phone with other prosecutors, the person involved with the investigation said, but the correspondence with Papachristos stood out.Papachristos declined to answer questions, but his boss, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey, said Papachristos told him that he and Dookhan had no personal relationship.”George never socially met her or had a relationship with her,” said Morrissey, who took office in 2011. “He met her once in court, and she never testified in any of his cases.”However, Morrissey admitted that he has seen only a few e mails, and he has refused repeated efforts by investigators to provide him with copies of the rest of the correspondence, because they are “the subject of an ongoing investigation” by Coakley and “I don’t want to interfere.”Several state officials and prosecutors expressed confusion over Morrissey’s refusal to accept the e mails, noting that he should know if one of his subordinates had an inappropriate relationship that could jeopardize cases in his office.Morrissey also declined to give the Globe the handful of Dookhan Papachristos e mails in his possession on the grounds that the case is under investigation.Dookhan analyzed drug evidence for numerous cases in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham where Papachristos was assigned, including an Oxycodone dealing conviction obtained by Papachristos that was one of the first to be overturned after allegations against Dookhan became public.As much as anything, the e mails may offer insight into the mind of Dookhan, who has admitted to State Police that she falsified and mishandled drug evidence, potentially jeopardizing up to 34,000 drug cases she took part in during her nine year career at the Jamaica Plain lab.

This has left many wondering what specific criteria Futrell used to select the Fab Five and whether public input will matter at all in the final selection. At least two of the candidates meet the unpublished profile developed by stakeholders, says Russell, but, she and others note, at least two do not: Reinke, chief of police in the small resort town of Marco Island, Fla., who has applied for four other police chief jobs over the last year, and, regrettably perhaps, Ellison. How great a search could this be, one source asked last week, if Reinke and Ellison are still in the running?.

Fifty year old Paul Whelan had emergency hernia surgery late Thursday after suffering “severe abdominal pain,” his brother David Whelan said in a statement Friday. Officials in more than a dozen cities braced for more unrest as the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police hands this week sparked outrage over police mistreatment of African Americans. Police cars and other property were set alight and destroyed in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and elsewhere, and protestors shouted and chanted for hours outside the White House in Washington, as President Donald Trump sat inside.

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