In the economic domain, through their strength, 130 crore Indians cannot only surprise the world but also inspire it. It is the need of the hour that we must become self reliant. We have to move forward based on our own abilities, in our own way, and there is only one way to do it Atmanirbhar Bharat or Self reliant India..

A combination of boardwalk and steps brings you into the waterfall’s gorge and lets you view the waterfall head on (a boardwalk option without stairs is also available). The boardwalk also provides a close look at Berea Sandstone. Careful inspection will reveal the individual grains of sand that accumulated in a sea 320 million years ago.

But I understand because I know him. And I know you’re coming over there, and you’re in his space. I wasn’t there so I don’t know, but just watching it, one of them put his hands on Oak to try to escort him out. He shouted at Dolan from a seat a couple of rows behind until security came. Oakley shoved a couple of them before he was removed while players on both teams watched as Porzingis was preparing to shoot free throws. Fans chanted Oakley! as he was led to the tunnel, handcuffed and eventually taken by the New York Police Department..

“This does not make us an ‘arbiter of truth.’ Our intention is to connect the dots of conflicting statements and show the information in dispute so people can judge for themselves.”Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took another stance, telling Fox News his platform has “a different policy, I think, than Twitter on this. I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.”Last year, Facebook said it wouldn’t remove an ad from the Trump campaign that contained false information about former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine. The previous month, Zuckerberg and Trump had a surprise meeting at the White House, which the president referred to as “nice.”Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook.

“But I get the chance to play alongside first and world class players in their squad and hopefully I be able to pick their brains to benefit myself. “To be able to learn the craft of batting with people like Travis Head and Alex Carey will be pivotal in me improving and becoming a better cricketer. I can wait.” Hunt, batsman Jacob Dickman and quick Tim Oakley are the three new rookies included in the 28 player list to be captained by Australian Test cricketer Travis Head.

At Brookgreen there is a small zoo. I noticed they had Bald Eagles on the list! Nice! We arrived and they were in a netted enclosed area. Ugh! Tough to shoot through nets! Then I noticed a hole about 3 4 inches in diameter on the front face of the net (there on purpose) for people to take photos?? I stuck my big Nikon 70 200 though it (hoodless as it would not fit with the hood) They had a male and female hanging out and I snapped away!! I love Fractalius and couldn wait to see how it would work with a bald eagle! A little photoshop fun a cool shot!! Fractalius is one awesome plug in for photoshop!! For some reason I always feel so sad for zoo animals know they are fed and kept safe, but these magnificent birds should be flying free..

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