But now, people are driving hours to pick some up.”The response has completely blown me away,” Cranney said. “People are coming from all over the place.”Cranney said he’s expecting a woman from Kansas on Thursday who will have driven 19 hours. Food banks and soup kitchens are also starting to show up.Most of the people who have come for the potatoes are doing it for others, grabbing them for friends and neighbors.”We gave a little bit and now they’re giving in return, and that’s what made it worth it to me,” Cranney said.

I LOVE a natural sea salt, either white or gray, on the popcorn. It just has a wonderful flavor, if you get the stuff that is really sea salt and comes in little packages and big crystals. Sea salt has all the minerals that salt is supposed to have and so much delicious flavor! I generally grind pinches of salt between the palms of my hands onto the popcorn but that might not be the texture you like..

It does not feel very Christian.Are there any traces of my bigotry left? Maybe there are none, but possibly homosexuality still makes me slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps, I don find camp mannerisms endearing, or I grimace if I see men kissing. Maybe sometimes I find things funny that I have been told not to.

Cremation has taken place. Westbrook United Church, 3526 Princess St., Westbrook, ON. If desired, a memorial donation may be made in her honour to: The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario Branch, 1599 Hurontario Street, Suite 201, Mississauga, Ontario L5G 4S1.

Take that, Obama! Tony Abbott on a large wave at Manly. Photo: Courtesy of Wipeout Dimentia We might be pushing the boundaries of the definition of “celebrity” here, but Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott took to the water over the weekend to support Wipeout Dementia. “Lots of us don’t like our prime minister, Tony Abbott,” says 1977 ASP World Champion Peter “PT” Townsend, “but I must admit he’s the only prime minister in the world who’s out charging it with former world champs like Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew.”.

But Abrams isn’t really attempting to mythologize the saga here. His focus is on staging a whiz bang show, and the new additions, especially the charismatic Rey, with her endless derring do, and the plucky Finn, are especially welcome. (The fact that a young woman and a young black man are at the film’s forefront is also welcome.).

But global prosperity comes at a cost, the scientific community agrees, with unprecedented levels of carbon emissions from industry and agriculture trapped in the atmosphere, warming the planet and melting ice mantles. And even if emissions were miraculously curbed today, the atmosphere would continue to heat up for decades. No wonder so many throw up their hands in frustration..

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