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I took a few more shots throughout the race and they were just ok. This was the biggest lens I have ever taken to a race and made some conclusions about shooting races. I can assume a 400mm or 600mm lens is necessary to get those cool shots. The central scene of Augustus’s breastplate, of the returning of the Roman standards, remains fairly disagreed upon. The figure to the right, in baggy trousers with beard and disheveled hair is certainly a Parthian, and most likely a particular Parthian: Phraates IV, king of Parthia with whom Augustus reached a treaty for the return of Roman prisoners and the standards. The figure on the left though, has been interpreted as various persons.

The Sunday School piano had been brought out into the street and my mother was co opted to play all the popular songs of the day. We all sang with gusto and even with a mouth full of potato I joined in and knew every word. The happy singing faces lit up from the bonfire flames, the elderly neighbours sitting on Sunday school benches chatting about their war time experiences and the laughter and encouraging smiles at me singing my heart out are lasting memories which will always live with me..

This time there was a brown long haired cat sitting in the middle of the road looking at me so i swerved and almost rolled my car. I remember thinking next time I’ll just hit it. Early Saturday I was driving Into the Courtyard to make my final delivery and had to swerve and go between a doe and two fawns.

Nick, as well as maps and a built in Advent Calendar. Christmas s Free, as the name implies, simply has a whole bunch of Christmas sounds you can play over your phone. This is profoundly useless in any real world situation, but may add to the cheer rating of your phone.

Impact: Bjelica had been a standout fantasy performer for about a month long stretch earlier in the season, when Marvin Bagley missed time or was limited by a sore left foot, but the 31 year old hasn been quite as good since Bagley aggravated the injury Jan. 20. Though Bjelica remains locked in as the Kings clear top option at power forward, he was averaging just 7.5 points and 5.5 boards in the first four games of March before coming through with the double double Sunday.

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