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Pictured here is a Lake Superior Agate that has been polished in a rock tumbler. I don’t own a rock tumbler and don’t have the time to dedicate to that hobby (though I would love to) so I have learned to love the natural finish that the river puts on stones. Many stones that might not otherwise be notable are made beautiful by the shape and texture the river gives them.

Today it’s well known as the Felt Mansion in Southwest Michigan between Holland and Saugatuck. Ahead of his time, Dorr Felt was concerned for the environment. He intuitively knew the dunes were fragile (unheard of then) and so built his mansion a mile away from the Lake Michigan shoreline.

“I like to compare it to going to a job and getting a paycheck. At first the work is novel and fun. But after a while, do you go only because of the paycheck or also because you enjoy the work?” said Keen, now in her third year of enriching the world of grizzlies at WSU.

From the corner, Matt Oakley fired just over, and Howard then saw a header cleared off the line by Hysen. When it came, the equaliser was something special. Barnes picked the ball up on the edge of the area before breaking forward, beating two men with a quick spin before the firing through the legs of Nyron Nosworthy and beyond the helpless Ward..

Another one of his many joys were his grandchildren and children. He was a very kind, gentle and patient soul. He enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren including tea parties, video games and taking them into the great outdoors. “We have to have field exercises to test the airport’s emergency plan. “It tests the co ordination between the emergency services responders.” EARLIER: Relax, Border folk, we haven’t been invaded by zombies! Despite some residents looking like the walking dead at Albury’s airport this morning, we’re happy to report it was all just a drill. A state of mock emergency descended on the airport on Wednesday as staff and emergency services conducted a drill to fine tune their response skills.

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