I’ve asked quite a few people about that: dealers and collectors both. Nobody knows. It looks like our children will not have children of their own, so I’ve been looking to cousins to find a home for some of these things. 1) A Hunting StrategyIf you live in the city or in the suburbs, you might miss out seeing a dog hop around like a rabbit. This sight in most likely to be seen by those who have the fortune of bringing their dogs off leash in acres of fields with tall grass where wildlife critters live undisturbed. When a dog is taken to these areas, they may engage in hopping and pouncing around just like a kangaroo in the vast lands of Australia.

Funeral service Saturday June 8th in the chapel at 11am. Interment to follow at Harrowsmith Cemetery. For those who wish, in lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to a charity of your choice in memory of Olive. Australian Associated PressMarch 16 2020 5:28PMWoman pleads not guilty to killing partnerComan, 54, sat quietly in the dock as a series of photos of the deceased appeared on screen showing him trapped under the driver’s side wheel of a white Hyundai i30 in the front yard of the Newlands Rd property.Her manslaughter charge comes under domestic violence and relates to the dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death or grievous bodily harm whilst adversely affected by an intoxicating substance.The court heard she returned a preliminary breath test of .257 on site before a later test confirmed it was .241.Constable Leigh Oakley, who along with two other officers were first to arrive the on scene, told the court it took them 18 minutes to reach the property. The house is set well back from the road down a long and narrow unsealed curving driveway.Police vehicle dashcam footage was played to the court and showed the vehicle passing through three sets of gates, one which had to be opened, and driving along the unlit driveway.The police vehicle then turns off the driveway and on to grass where the headlights illuminate the Hyundai which was positioned on top of Crandley.”I swung the headlights towards the front of the other car and I saw the deceased,” Constable Oakley said.”I stopped the car thinking I’d observe the scene and then the other two (officers) got out) and I got out.”He said Coman co operated with his request for a preliminary breath test.Another series of photos showed the Hyundai had been driven for several metres off the unsealed driveway before it came to rest on the victim.Replaying the dashcam footage, Mr Copely pointed out to Const. Oakley that when he arrived on scene there were no lights visible on the property, nor the house, other than the headlights of the Hyundai.

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