Chris Fleming channels his social anxieties into wonderfully awkward comedy, recognizing the wealth of folly to be found in misconstrued cues and neuroses. He is perhaps best known forGayle, a 41 episode web series in which he played Gayle Waters Waters, a status obsessed suburban mother. The show allowed him free reign to lambast the more ridiculous aspects of that life, such as exhibiting a manic commitment to physical fitness and the art of exchanging superficial pleasantries with passive aggressive neighbors.

That day he jotted in his diary: Mr. [Anthony] Berger from [Mathew] Brady came up and took several pictures for me of Mr. Lincoln in the Cabinet room. The town of Rose Valley is perhaps his most significant legacy. The story of its establishment is an important example of a marginalized group successfully working for equality. In the mid 20th century, Yeadon was a segregated community, but in 1957, three black men applied for membership in the newly opened Yeadon Swim Club.

Some are by Salah’s husband, artist Jacob Yerex. The first is a 15 foot by 14 foot room with its own north facing window. Across the hall is a guest bathroom.. In the face of that IT and technology are more important not less. Sometimes it takes a decade to make a week of progress and sometimes a week gives you a decade of progress. All of a sudden, education, healthcare, and work from home are making huge steps forward.

It is hard to imagine a worse place for a fire, for the goods stored there included 150lbs of gunpowder and thousands of gallons of oil, turpentine, resin, varnish and other the inflammable nature of the stock the flames spread with astonishing rapidity, said one contemporary report.A shortage of water and inadequate equipment made firefighting a hopeless task. The gunpowder was quickly and safely removed but the liquids mostly stored in tanks or glass bottles presented a greater problem.upper portion of the building was then in flames and from the intense heat the carboys of vitriol, turpentine and other flammables had burst into flames and their contents were dripping through the joists and floor upon the parties beneath.Dozens of neighbours and passers by joined in the rescue work for an hour or so.some time after midnight, there was a sudden series of explosions which destroyed the floors, roofs and joists and blew out the front of the also blew shut the doors which would have provided the best escape route.50 persons were on the premises at the time almost all of whom were unacquainted with the interior arrangement of the building. Some of the people managed to escape through lower windows or into an adjoining building but others were engulfed by the inferno or buried under the collapsing frontage.Seventeen men perished immediately, five others died over the next few days and many more were crippled or otherwise badly injured.

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