There’s a terrific score by James Newton Howard that captures moods wistful, mysterious that the director fails to evoke. The Hunger Games leaves you content but not, as with the novel, devastated by the senseless carnage. It is, I’m sorry to say, the work of moral cowards..

Wiccan Tools: Pentacle There is a bit confusion caused by the name of this tool, so let me see if I can make it clearer here. When you are talking about geometric shapes, the words ‘pentagram’ and ‘pentacle’ are technically synonymous and interchangeable. Whether they have a circle around them or not is irrelevant, they both refer to a 5 pointed symbol.

I love the fact that the Panasonic is so quiet, and smooth while operating. The machine doesn’t jump around while kneading, and if you ever had a cheap bread maker, you know what I am talking about. For me this is one of the best features. Not buying into established social structures is not enough evidence to call someone ND and the book you read sounds like it was designed not to provide legitimately helpful information, but to validate people who want to believe that those of us who aren neurotypical are better than those who are, especially with that disclaimer that it wasn scientific.I partly agree with that claim. You haven read the book so obviously you aren familer with his content as I. I took the book with a grain of salt as indeed it isn scientific based.In defense of the book, I found it logical, again from anecdotal perspective.If you would like to read more about the book the name is :”A Field Guide to Earthlings: An autistic/Asperger view of neurotypical behavior”From a book I read on NT behavior (full disclaimer: it wasn research based but more of anecdotal.

A Greek God. I love history so to me this is fascinating. If you enjoy a tidbit of history you must read this article: The Greek God Hermes. In the Nisbett Chapel. Reception to follow in the Nisbett Reception Centre. Interment at Highland Park Cemetery at a later date.

The pain grew greater with each stroke, then for a while I could feel nothing, and then suddenly the pain became excruciating. It was a mental battle. I determined to show no reaction whatever. Recognize that no one can now predict with certainty the future of any institution, with respect to its organization, purposes, needs, or even its existence. However, it seems to us that the needs of civilization for the education of youth, and the desire to explore the mysteries of nature, will endure as long as civilization itself endures; and that the University of Wisconsin Madison will perform such duties. Ira Baldwin, professor emeritus of bacteriology and former dean of the UW Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, wrote these words in a letter to friends in 1991, eight years before his death at 103..

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