Perhaps some day in the future, if smart glasses ever really take off. A big if, of course. The organization also handily lists it as “about two arms’ length.” The app is probably more clever than it is useful at this point. Reviewers also report that it’s a good option for gaming. “Games look amazing on a big screen, hard to go back to a 55 [inches] after playing on 110 [inches]. Hooked up to a PS4, no apparent lag to complain about,” .

Never let your dog get away from you and ignore your recall. This means, if your dog has a poor recall, you should remove the privilege of allowing him to take off and roam off leash until you attain better control. Truth is, when your dog is off leash, he may know too well you are not in control when you are at a distance.

You can have enough of Sahir Ludhianvvi and even the millennial generation appreciates the contemporariness of lyrics like Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya. An enigma all his life, the poet, who consciously chose to call himself sahir or wrote verses with an aura of mystical mastery, earning a place second only to Mirza Ghalib in the popular imagination. Unlike Ghalib, however, Sahir literary output has not been widely translated..

Of course, we all know that exactly what he did. Not with his missiles and guns but with his iron suit and a big, brave heart. Tony was the one to finally sacrifice himself, snap his fingers with the six Infinity Stones and bring an end to Thanos and his god complex..

Even though I’ve been playing cards regularly for more than twenty years, I don’t believe I’m qualified to answer that question. I can, however, tell you which two player card games I like best and maybe convince you to give one a try. Below I’ve listed my favorite two player card games:.

With heels, it is especially important that you try them on before purchasing. Put them on both feet because there may be a slight difference in size. Manufacturers’ sizes vary, so even if you believe you wear a 6.5, you may want to purchase a 7 in one brand, or a 6 in another.

Paz Sullivan, Mira De Laval Pence, Alan Perez, Lisa Marie Perrault, Mary Elizabeth Quick, Alicia Jayne Ramsdell, Stephanie Lynn Raskin, Brittany Lauren Rhymes, Samantha Ann Rice, Lauren R. Richardson, Lisa Michelle Riley, Caitlin Jo Roberts, Alexandra Amelia Rohner, Marla M. Romasiewicz, Katie Lynn Rose, Mark W.

He first tried to stand against Clement Attlee in the then Labour prime minister’s Walthamstow West constituency. Unfortunately Boaks filed his nomination papers in next door Walthamstow East instead and did not get the publicity he craved. He regularly scored less than 100 votes and the mere five he won at the Glasgow Hillhead by election remains a record low in any British constituency election.

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