It is only in the past few years, now that college costs are a thing of the past, that we have some extra money left over each month from my wages. I pay the mortgage and all the bills. My wife insists on getting half of any money that is left over, which means that she gets 700 a month..

Not that he wouldn take it. Course it would come in handy look at what going on across this country with the attacks on police, Mr. Johnson said. From Feminism to Activism Curtis was raised in Miami, Florida, in a family that she says routinely used the “n word” for blacks and the “k word” for Jews. She played the role of the family’s black sheep, which she says she earned by befriending Jewish kids and fighting with her older brother about segregation. Her reputation as a rabble rouser was cemented when she threw herself into the anti war movement at the University of Florida, and consorted with her family’s idea of the wrong people: Jews, Blacks, hippies, gays, and communists.

Through books I fought bravely in wars of both attrition and conquest.”5) “Some of us read to ratify our despair about the world; others choose to read because it offers one of the only safety nets where love and hope can find comfort. I create a city of fiction because I want to leave an entire, considered world behind me. When I open a window in a town that I’ve made up in my head, I want to make a world that readers can approach in wonder.

Friends really do want to be helpful and useful. So, if someone could cook a meal, pick up some groceries, take you shopping, or just go for a walk or be a listening ear, let them know. And friends, keep the bad outcomes to yourself and enjoy being with your friend in a positive, supportive way in the here and now..

Just as Taylor never buckled under pressure from those crying out for her political opinion over the past few years, there’s little reason to believe that she’ll kowtow to those now demanding she shut up, alt right trolling be damned. She’s always had a voice. And regardless of what she’s saying, it’s nice to see her finally using it..

His teammates, confident but young in the ways of the NBA, expected more good things this season. Jackson, the highest scoring guard in the league (25.7 ppg) last season before tearing ankle ligaments and missing the last 31 games, was back. It was left for Dick Motta, 64, entering his 24th year as an NBA coach, to sound the warning that the Mavericks didn’t look as if they had improved much..

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