Its time of formation appears to be substantially less than previously considered likely. Calcian siderite ironstones and ferroan calcite septarian concretions formed in early diagenesis at very shallow depths. The siderite shows between 1 and 10 mol% Ca2+ substitution.

The Heat will continue to display its retired No. 23 Bulls/Wizards jersey of Michael Jordan, but not in as nearly a prominent position as the end of last season. The Jordan jersey, subject of much debate, has been moved from the rafters behind the west baseline to a wall at the top of AmericanAirlines Arena, opposite the visitor’s bench.

“We met, and he starts trying on these glasses. Some are super extreme, you know the skater, crazy, fluorescent glasses. And he’s like 65, and he put them on and he looks crazy. There’s no need to get upset over losing ice cream you never had coming in the first place. And this, he says, is all in good fun. Anyway, that’s what he told them about his rock and roll nativity scene in 2012, which included a Santa Claus hanging from a noose..

Pisses me off. I told my wife that the answer is no, they are not welcome to come and administer the sacrament. Now she’s mad at me. People who search for a topic in one of seven categories that Blekko considers to be polluted with spamlike search results health, recipes, autos, hotels, song lyrics, personal finance and colleges automatically see edited results. “Climate change/conservative” shows results from right leaning sites, and “Obama/humor” shows humor sites that mention the president. Blekko has made hundreds of these slashtags, and users can create their own and revise others..

MATT YOUNGFORMER Fairfax columnist Mike Carlton has responded to his resignation on independent media website Crikey, claiming he’s received endless abuse from offended readers after he wrote a column criticising Israel’s actions in Gaza.In the latest controversy, Carlton was caught out sending abusive responses and tweets to readers who questioned his position on the conflict, calling one critic a bigot and telling several others to off been called a bag of Nazi slime, a Jew hating racist endlessly, he told Crikey this morning.of it has been obscene. Moved by your support. Nice one from Wayne Swan, a good man.Goodsir wanted to suspend Carlton for four to six weeks after the abusive reports surfaced in The Australian.said they want to suspend me for four to six weeks to but I said bother I resigning.

Earlier this year, Vijay Singh filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour claiming damages for its handling of and reaction to the deer antler spray controversy. Singh lawsuit alleges the Tour exposed Singh to public humiliation and breached its duty to him by utilising a flawed investigation and imposing unfair discipline. That particular litigation train doesn look like reaching a station any time soon..

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