It was just kind of a little moment. A moment that came and went, but there was no wedding, there was no marriage, there was no anything. It’s like it never even happened. So what’s next for the Knicks? The most troubling part is there’s no answer. Neither Dolan nor anybody in the front office has spoken publicly since firing Fizdale. Instead, they’ve allowed Mike Miller the latest shield to serve as the spokesman for everything from a coaching change to trade requests to the deaths of people (David Stern and Kobe Bryant) he didn’t know.

The doctor’s child perhaps grew up to be the next generation’s doctor in the town. It was a very close knit society, in which everyone looked out for everyone else. Insurance was unheard of if you couldn’t afford to pay the doctor, he’d let you pay over time, or not charge at all.

“It was on accident, honestly,” he told Mashable in an interview at Stream Con in October. “My friend showed me the app, I didn’t have any social media at this time. I made a video or two and it got like 100 likes. The differing rankings are explained by Visible Measures’ methodology: the company tracks 150 video sites (including YouTube), and tracks multiple postings of the same clip. Their numbers count the Evian babies ad racking up 1,845,389 views so far this week compared to 3,978,561 for the resurgent Air New Zealand ad. Third place goes to the Internet Explorer projectile vomit ad, despite the fact that it was removed by Microsoft after a negative reaction by viewers..

Not to mention that for a large portion of the military their “service” is for no other reason than they didn feel cut out for or financially able to go to college or trade school and the area they grew up in is an economic pit from which military service is the only escape. So they sign up for the $8k bonus and GI benefits so they can get the hell out and learn IT skills or be an asphalt layer or warehouse worker or one of the other totally non lauded make work roles in the military industrial complex for a few years before they go back to normal life. So I not going to thank people for service that they were forced to sign up for because defense lobbyists keep pushing to make college and other paths to employment less and less accessible..

Hanley said Oakley, born Phoebe Ann Mosey, was probably the most famous woman of her day. She and professional partner Buffalo Bill Cody may have been the first international superstars. Growing up poor, overcoming a difficult and even abusive childhood, Oakley learned to shoot from practical necessity, hunting to feed her parents and siblings, Hanley noted..

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