The Fosse Way goes from centre bottom to top rightish. The lower section of the A37 is the road from Dorchester, and a continuation passes through Somerton to the eastern end of the Poldens, near Street (Domesday Strate from Latin strata, the Roman road, or causeway across the River Brue, to Glastonbury). From Street, a Roman road passed along the ridge of the Poldens, through Edington and probably on to Pawlett where a ford crossed the river to the port of Combwich about which, more later.

Check out the video above for a demo of the Fullscreen platform and my talk with Strompolos to learn more about what Fullscreen has to offer. And keep coming back every Monday and Wednesday over the next several weeks to learn more about other new video companies that have emerged. Or check out the other videos we shot around this new YouTube economy:.

Law enforcement officers secured the crime scene and herded hundreds of passengers displaced by the shooting in Terminal 2. In the airport’s three other terminals, it remained business as usual, as people watched accounts of the shooting on TV but remained calm. Within 40 seconds, another radio transmission discounted the report as false, but the possibility of another shooter had already spread and more reports of gunfire quickly followed..

An aid man went with me and we got at least halfway back when we heard a motor. ”Stay right where you are till I get back,” the aid man said. He took off and intercepted this guy who had one of these jeeps with a rack to put the wounded guys on. Are all the great leaders of sport. They got to get back. They can do this, Trump said, referring to how their pro sport business models all have been shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic.

So some traffic has been forced over to another school lined, residential street. And, oh my God, if any of you knew what the insane parents do in the morning to get their kids to JLS: We’ve seen passing at high speed in the bike lane (right in front of the school, where kids are riding to get there too, 98% with their helmets hanging from their handlebars), parking half on the sidewalk, and constant speeding along South Court. The JLS traffic mess is why I never go out the East Meadow way in the morning.

By the time the Johnsons found arrangements for his dog, international travel had been shut down. Gina Johnson is a flight attendant for American Airlines who is fluent in the nuance of travel arrangements. Her days are spent calling airlines and trying to cut through layers of bureaucracy to unlock a solution..

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