Help your beer connoisseur of a father save some space in his fridge. Made with extra strong, permanent neodymium magnets and easy to apply 3M adhesive, the BottleLoft magnetically hangs bottles (three on each strip) from the roof of the fridge by their caps. This leaves some extra room on the top shelf for dad to slide more food underneath, plus he’ll just feel cool having his beers defy gravity..

By the 1980s mainstream feminism had, following theorists such as Catharine MacKinnon, turned its attention to gains in women’s legal rights and in the public sphere. On one hand the dirty business of housework became unsexy, associated with the housewives working feminists no longer wanted to be. On the other a lazy compact was made, with some middle class women passing domestic labour to other subordinate women, often along race and class lines.

Not perfect for close up photography the base of the tower is this building. Kinda odd! I shot it for about an hour around on all sides and tried to catch some cool angles. Very tough! It was cloudy this morning and early AM they still have the tower lit up partially a semi bonus there! You can buy tickets to the viewing deck I can recall $21.00! Ouch! not that high! I think Godzilla may be taller! =).

Spectacles are designedas a toy and made for fun, and that the way a lot of good tech starts out. Time will tell how much they stick, but the way Snap seems to be handling this rollout feels good. They aren taking themselves too seriously and that makes people more comfortable with the product and their vision as a camera company..

Granddaughter Zanai has been telling me to start my own YouTube channel, but I never had time earlier. Apart from songs, I also want to talk about different things and hopefully people would connect with them. Since I been singing from the age of 10, I have many stories and memories to share.

All amusement parks should have some area or areas designated for first aid. Knowing beforehand where these stations are located is a big plus should an emergency arise. From small boo boos to larger scrapes these first aid places may treat them all.

I suppose I started going to church because all my friends did. I attended a Baptist Church and was baptized at age 10. Mama was hurt that it was not her church, but I explained to her that if she wouldn’t take me to church, then I would go where the opportunity took me.

During that excursion, McPhee’s mother bought him a toy parachute stuffed within a small, hinged ball. “Folded just so, the parachute never failed,” McPhee tells readers. They are well on display in “My Life List,” another deeply personal and wryly funny piece in which McPhee recounts some of the odd things he’s eaten on the road.

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