The answers to all of the questions can be found in the sections below the quiz. For the most fun and to maximize the challenge, take the quiz first and then read some surprising facts about Seattle that even some residents don’t know. There are also some tips about about some of the most popular Seattle attractions and other interesting places to go and things to see..

If you’re doing for the sake of having a good instrument, I would say just hit up the used market and play as many basses in person as you can to figure out what it is you’re looking for in a bass. You could get a lot more bass for your money hunting the used market than spending the same amount on a Warmoth project. Depending on what specs you want, there are a lot of underrated and/or discontinued model basses that go for way cheap if you can hunt them down.

More than ever, we need a President who values our nation diversity and will fight to create a more fair and just country. That person is Joe Biden. We are proud to endorse him for President and support him in this fight to restore the soul of our nation, they said in the statement..

Guarded them, Selden said of the fourth quarter. Played with energy. We really turned it up on the defensive end, and that what gave us the opportunity to get out and run. Gaither Hahn and Dr. Crabtree knew that Hickory was in the midst of it all and a treatment center was vital. They debated options and finally determined that a county owned facility was best preferred.

All three came so close to glory. Reid failed miserably. Agree with above comment Reid can not and will never ever be able close the deal. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, the rock star known for his long blond hair was raised in Florida by a single mother after his father was shot to death. Allman idolized his older brother, Duane, eventually joining a series of bands with him. Together they formed the nucleus of The Allman Brothers Band..

Hey, Faith Reaper! I have lots of diverse interests, even some that I don’t even know about yet. Bonnie and Clyde is quite a large series, so once you get started, there will be plenty of material there for you. Tony Stewart has done a number of books, as he is related, as well as some others, just as an FYI.

I’m just saying that there are no rules anymore. In some cases you need to approach him and in others you don’t. I know that isn’t much help but if it’s any consolation, they don’t know what rules to play by either. The NBA handed out fines from Wednesday night late game scuffle between the Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns. The only Memphis player punished was reserve guard Troy Daniels, who connected on a 3 pointer and was fouled by the Suns Devin Booker. Daniels, who was fined $15,000, said something to Booker after the shot, leading to a lot of pushing and shoving.

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