In the 24 hour period up to 9am on Thursday, 119,587 tests were carried out or dispatched with 1,887 positive results. The figure for the number of people tested has been “temporarily paused”.Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, warned that in some places the R rate of infection was close to 1.0. Great caution was required, he said.Coughing MP admits travelling 250 mile by train while displaying coronavirus symptomsAn MP has admitted travelling 250 mile by train while displaying coronavirus symptoms, after being told to self isolate.

How many of you remember exactly what you were doing when you got that email telling you that you got into Harvard? I was playing Civilization and I ran downstairs, got my dad, and for some reason, his reaction was to video me opening the email. That could have been a really sad video. I swear getting into Harvard is still the thing my parents are most proud of me for..

I have lived most of my life in the central valley of Northern California. I grew up about an hour south of Sacramento, the state capital, and now reside about thirty minutes south of where I grew up. I love the flexibility my family has when it comes to getting out of town and doing something.

Mitt Campbell was the first African American to win the gold medal in the Olympic decathlon, the same year that the Montgomery Bus Boycott neared its end. Upon return to America, Campbell played in the NFL and later the Canadian Football League; at the end of his athletic career, he became an activist and motivational speaker. The Star Ledger Dave D called Milt Campbell “the greatest athlete our state ever produced.” But Campbell ambitions were always higher.

In addition to the guides, there are bibliographies of the geological literature with internet links. The guides are linked to literature references in the bibliographies. This set of webpages was commenced in 1997 and is intended for geologists, geomorphologists, fossil collectors, university students and school students, walkers, naturalists and anyone interested in the magnificent coasts of southern England.

There are some really cool architectural stairway banisters out there for both indoor and outdoor staircases. Look into this to dramatically alter the artistic appeal of this part of your home. Something eye catching at the top of the stairs will make climbing them so much more enjoyable.

My new landlord only gives me the water bill once every three months, guess when it was due, last week so I wasn able to get my husband a present. So he pestering me for sex to make up for it. I exhausted and just started weeping in the kitchen while trying to get out from under all the fucking dishes.

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