The Bad: The Pacers gave up 28 and 10 to Markieff Morris. Lavoy Allen and Kevin Seraphin both had good offensive games, but the Pacers needed Thad Young combination of size and speed here, and just didn get it.10 points on 40% shooting, 5 assists, +14 overall. Stuckey looked healthy, and like he knocked most of the rust off.

Tebow to Hernandez on deep seam route Great route by Aaron Mike Holmgren had a great seat for that throw. Tebow hits Cooper on a 45 yard post Cooper never breaks stride. Then, right away, he hits Nelson on the same route but opposite side of the field in stride.

Each time they pass through the river, the mast of the galleon hits the wooden bridge and destroys it causing the water to overflow. In some versions of the tale, many people were killed so the villagers shunned the couple because of the incident. Thus, they became reclusive and eventually never seen again..

The video was shared on Twitter two days ago by ‘Nature is Lit’ an account dedicated to animal videos. It begins with the elephant walking backwards to avoid the baby water buffalo, who is seen charging at him for no apparent reason. The baby buffalo’s mother is seen running after him too, apparently trying to stop him from attacking an animal five times his size.

It feels like Malone has to be on this list, so here he is. Honestly, though, it hard to see how he could bring any value to the Warriors. Maybe his pick and roll prowess could make him into a viable Draymond Green backup, but I not sure the Mailman would be as willing a passer as Green is once a defense forces the ball out of Stephen Curry hands.

He reports only three spasms, lasting no more than 20 seconds, since using the oil. Ben estimates he has enough oil left to last him up to five and a half months. He believes Wednesday’s raid will drive many to “charlatan” suppliers trading oil of a questionable quality for profit on the black market.

“I also think that people will be more discerning about what they buy. Fast fashion’s irresponsibility has come to forefront and I think designers and consumers will both push for items that come with a price tag that is justified by the product. I see my collections become more chilled out, more edited, less frantic and chaotic.

“I was scared to walk alone and now look who is behind me. Look who has my back,” he added. “I didn’t do any of this to be seen. She then made several batches and everybody was delighted and they never made doughnuts any other way except the way I showed her. Of course, lots of people joke about the hole in the doughnut. I’ve got a joke myself.

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