OAKLEY: OK. I want to say that, to some of us, we love on McDonald’s. I mean, like, back in the ’70s and ’80s, that was the place to go. To Canon Butler and Fr Oakley, our sincere appreciation for their daily attendance. To Fr Joe Hourigan and all the priests who officiated at the funeral Mass, thank you. Since it would be impossible to write to everybody individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a sincere token of our appreciation.

Reviewed 11 November 2017 via mobileUpon arrival no one was there to greet us. We had to get someone’s attention to be seated on a table we had booked online. The ‘waiter’ was hovering which made us feel rushed also had a bad attitude. Jyotsi, acting on behalf of SAI, had arranged for the flight ticket and Antil transport from the centre to the airport. My father face after landing in Delhi felt so special, Antil said over the phone from Murthal. Last time I was home was in November, so to finally be here with my family after such a long wait makes me very happy.

The first performer, Kirk Read, who dresses in a stretch sequined belt, a hot pink cheetah print tank, and a drawn on glitter face mask, performs an observational stand up routine on the topic of hotel room sex that can be simplified as: “What’s the deal with clients of male prostitution?” Read’s monologue covers topics ranging from the Hilton’s harsh, neon lighting (flip on the lights, and it’s like you’re in Safeway all of a sudden!) to scat (nobody knows how to use an enema anymore!), but he comes down with a clear message: At least I’m getting paid for this. During dominatrix Keva I. Lee’s performance, one sorry audience volunteer, a baby faced prep by the name of Colin, is paraded onstage wearing a leather collar, spanked, hogtied, beaten, and forced to fellate a large pink dildo, his expression drooping from bemusement to pained resignation as the show progresses.

However, our sex life could be a whole lot better. I like sex to be kinky, and she likes it vanilla. She is adamant about monogamy, while I want to be monogamish. After reports came out in Ontario of the shocking conditions long term care residents were enduring, there is a push for an inquiry into the HRM long term care facility, Northwood Manor, which has seen the majority of COVID 19 related deaths in the province. Gary MacLeod with the ACE team gives us his thoughts on the recent reports and the situation in Nova Scotia. Premier Stephen McNeil had the second lowest approval rating earlier this year but due to the COVID 19 pandemic his ratings have risen, putting him at a 77 per cent approval rate.

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