What you describing as your fantasy is either a form of non monogamy or what known as term originated from birds who lay eggs in another nest and was then used to describe women who deceptively had children fathered by someone other than their husband. Now it a term used to describe a fetish where someone is turned on by their partner having sex with someone else. You are the your wife is the wife Cuckolding also has an element of humiliation, degradation or denial..

The second is the ridiculous markup. If Paypal increased their transaction fee from 3% to 30%, a competitor would kill them. Cargill didn bump food prices 10 fold even though bio engineering is at least an order of magnitude more complex and costly than molded plastic in a pretty shape.

First off, bonuses don care where a gem is socketed unless a piece of gear specifically says something like “socketed gems get X”. In those cases, it will only apply to gems actually socketed into the gear. But if you have a bonus from the passive tree that says something like “10% increased damage with swords” then it will increase all your damage dealt by swords no matter where the attack gem is socketed..

TMZ has posted two exclusive photos on its website saying Harry, who was staying in a VIP suite at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas last weekend, had gone down the hotel bar with a large group of friends. They apparently hooked up with several women and headed back to the room. TMZ says the party included a game of strip pool that ended in some of the guests buck naked, including his Highness..

Plus, Williams Sonoma has care packages you can send to loved ones you’re missing now.New Yorkers who might be missing their neighborhood farmers market can check out OurHarvest and Farm to People, which curate and deliver locally sourced groceries, or Food Kick for same day grocery delivery in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Local Roots has subscriptions and start kits of farm fresh food.If you’re especially worried about food waste, Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods can deliver “ugly” fruits and veggies that might have been otherwise tossed out by grocery stores.Thinking about getting your own green thumb? Bloomscape, Terrain and and Etsy all sell fruit and vegetable seeds for your own garden at home.Don’t want to think too much about dinner? You might try a meal kit from HelloFresh, Home Chef (which we tried out) or Sun Basket. LOLA and Cora sell organic versions of tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products.

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