I was told something similar in my 20s, a full time reporter fresh out of graduate school, after I was pulled over and placed in handcuffs. The officer asked what I was doing in the neighborhood. When I told him I lived in it, he asked what I did to be able to afford to live there..

There was a cool wow factor that this sub had over other generic prop showcase subs (which i genuinely believe a post like this should be on instead). “Hey look at this communicator quigon used in star wars ep 1 BUT it actually a women dove shaving razor changed to be the communicator!” I sorry for coming off rude but I been around this sub for a LONG time. I agree it shows creativity that prop makers put work into.

LPGA golfers Lexi Thompson and Cheyenne Woods: OK, Woods and Woods together would be keeping it in the family for PGA Tour player and his niece. Thompson is one of the more popular American players on the LPGA, making her a great possible partner for Mickelson. As an alternative, why not invite the Korda sisters, Jessica and Nelly, to play in The Match?.

Bee population. The many crops that rely on bees for pollination would then be seriously affected. The hornets are at their most destructive in late summer and early fall, per the release.. “I wondered whether I was smuggling something out for him, Clarke said. “I retired to the privacy of the lavatory. When I unwrapped the box, there, inscribed with my name and that day date, was Emil Olympic 10,000m gold medal.

But this leads to another question: Are such funding caps too low? According to Valois, studies and assessments are currently under way by all interested parties, with a report expected to be released in the fall that will address the future health of dance festivals. Says Bhattacharya: “The big picture is that contemporary dance is becoming irrelevant in the eyes of corporate sponsors, and as a result, the public at large. We’re floundering, and somehow we artists are going to have to take control of the art, and find a way to make it work.”Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community.

The hospital told him the normal billed rate was $10,333.16, but that Cigna, his insurer, had negotiated a discount to $6,995.56, meaning his 20% patient share would be $1,399.11. The surgeon’s office quoted a normal rate of $1,675, but the Cigna discounted rate was just $469, meaning his copayment would be about $94. (Although the Balzers made four calls to the anesthesiologist’s office to get a quote, leaving messages on the answering machine, no one returned their calls.).

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