I don’t want to over complicate your build since you’ve done a good job picking out the parts. However, Id suggest looking at a NVMe drive. Here in the States you can get something like the M.2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus priced very closely to an SSD. For example, you may switch from a boring white sink to a wood model, which usually costs around $100 $300. If you have a vanity cabinet that has been painted too bright, consider repainting it with a wood tone. You can also install a wood toilet seat; it won’t be difficult at all to find one under $30..

A lot is going on under the surface of your tummy! Tiny tooth buds are popping up in baby’s gums. The intestines are starting to produce meconium, the sticky, tarry looking waste that you’ll see in baby’s first few dirty diapers. Rapid eye movements may occur.

The Rangers won at home 5 3 in the teams season opener and the Islanders won 4 2 in Brooklyn on Dec. 6. The teams conclude the season series March 22 at Madison Square Garden. Does Your Cat Need A Treatment For Fleas?If like me you are a cat lover then the last thing you would ever want to see is your cat in any pain. Fleas and especially those that get on to our cats are truly annoying. Not only that they can often be hard to see and detect.

That OK. We all wish things we buy were cheaper, however the cost proposition on glasses is not that bad when you think of it this way. The final decision on how to spend your money is up to you, as the consumer, in the end.. They will know a lot about the teams they photograph. They will understand how each team plays. A lot of time is spent getting to know the game better because this allows the photographer to take better action shots..

“The door had bullet holes right through it.”Defence lawyer Kenny Oldwage said his client had an “extremely traumatised state of mind”. He did not request bail before proceedings were adjourned until Feb. 19.GOLDEN BOY LOSES SHINEEarly reports of the shooting suggested Pistorius may have mistaken Steenkamp for an intruder, but police said neighbours had heard noises before the shots and there had been previous “domestic” incidents at the house.Pistorius said nothing during the 40 minute hearing.His father, Henke, and brother, Carl, sat directly behind him in the packed court room, occasionally leaning forward to give him a pat on the shoulder..

So brutal,” said former Vice President Joe Biden, who was livestreaming from his home studio in Delaware. “[The] same thing happened with [Ahmaud] Arbery. Breonna Taylor. It bears repeating: Twitter, Facebook and other networks are largely public platforms, and comments made can and often do get back to bosses. As the Dickinson case shows, few employers are eager to associate themselves with off colour or offensive content, even when it may be intended as a joke. As networks proliferate and Millennial employees not only check Facebook but post on Twitter, browse Instagram and more, social media has the potential to be a devastating time suck.

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