I’m all for leafy greens and fresh starts, but I’d like, at least, to hold on to some chickpeas. I have been making this kale salad lately, either a Caesar style version or my most favorite one with lemon and hot sauce, that uses roasted chickpeas instead of croutons. They are all salty creamy loveliness.

Lekin, S. M. Winter, W. Jen Bachiu, Dr. Vy Pham, Dr. David Sherin and Dr. Viewing in augmented reality is a key use case for ODG smartglasses in the enterprise, and DOTTY software is helping to push boundaries and offer customers a new way to work in 3D by enabling collaboration in AR from wherever you are located, said Pete Jameson, ODG COO. Are excited to offer DOTTY in our App store and to make innovative hardware software solutions available to those wanting advanced, collaborative 3D visualization tools on our glasses. Seesuses for his software everywhere there a remote workforce or a fella on a factory floor.

The fuel is messy and expensive. It’s a castor oil, nitro mix (plus other proprietary ingredients by brand), and if the whole engine is not cleaned up immediately after the session is finished, it can gum up the works badly. It is also subject to spillage, making for a messy work area.

Europeans have been astonished that America has never had a woman president. After all we in Britain elected the redoubtable Margaret Thatcher three times as prime minister. Norway did the same with Gro Harlem Brundtland. Get a second opinion. But don’t brush this off. Please.

Maldonado, Samantha L. Maldonado, Shannon L. Mandell, Ashley K. Now it is time to address the root causes of displacement and improve the disgraceful status quo response to the influx of migration. Closing borders will further destabilize regions already in disharmony and potentially far reaching regions as well (Orchard Miller 8). The example of Germany should be followed and built upon, with overarching reforms that change the entire European response to the situation..

When I heard that Andrew Ross Sorkin was involved with Billions, I hoped he would use his inside knowledge to depict the workings of money and power with the same precision that David Simon brought to The Wire. In fact, the series doesn’t really care about such authenticity. In a way, this is hardly surprising.

Taking our eyes from the road for a few seconds to open the doors, we noticed to our surprise that when we looked back, the lady had gone! There was nowhere to go. The road was surrounded by a large open field and trees in the distance. When we went over to look at where she had been standing, to our horror, we found that there was a massive hole in the road! If she hadn’t stopped us, we would have had at the least, a nasty accident.

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