Mr. HOLMES: I think you can’t look at it as just the new structure. I mean, this is something that the secretary feels strongly that she is adapting to the realities that she sees in the world. Ian Shults: I kind of do both. I’m painting everything, all the colors, all over the place. Then I go back after I’m done with that; I start bringing the background colors into the people, and putting in some of what I left out before, and so on.

Munchkin Best Traditional Card Game, 2001Munchkin is a funny card game that spoofs traditional role playing games like Dungeons Dragons. It’s pretty easy to play, but for me, the charm of this game is in the wacky illustrated cards. The original version of Munchkin proved to be so popular that many expansion packs of new cards have been added, along with variations on other themes (pirates, zombies, cowboys, science fiction, Lovecraft, and more).

Good news if you have a spare $1,500 and are interested in the latest wearable tech: Google is once again selling Google Glass to the public. However, this time around it is available for an undetermined amount of time. Though the device remains in its testing, or “explorer,” phase, this does indicate that Google is inching Glass to mass market.

Blissfully still don understand all the rules. (I streamed last 20 minutes, once awoken by our cat snoring at 3am). Sutton, an Australian who works in Canada as a radio host, was keen to spruik the 13 a side game to his social media followers. Moore’s controversial actions regarding sex crimes continued long after the alleged incidents with teenage girls transpired. In 16 cases involving alleged sex offenders between 2013 and 2016, Moore sided with the alleged perpetrators over the prosecutors and the alleged victims on 13 of those occasions. It is unclear whether this prompted Hannity to suddenly declare that Moore had “24 hours” to explain the inconsistencies in his story before needing to drop out of the race..

I don’t know why. I’ve been married three times. I’ve been married to Tommy Lee, I’ve been married to Bob Ritchie [Kid Rock] and to Rick Salomon. My heart. Broke my heart, the Bronx rap legend told For The Win this week. Thing I turned on the TV and seen that, I wanted to die.

It’s a somewhat popular myth that sea glass is the result of garbage thrown from passing ships. Whereas a small amount of sea glass may have been discarded from a boat, the vast majority comes from sources on land, typically in the form of beach littering. In some areas, sea glass may be found close to old abandoned seaside trash dumps.

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