I had to figure out what needed to go there. It took me weeks of looking through pictures to decide on that wall. I finally decided it needed to be an ode to travel; an old hot air balloon and a steam train. The city itself is small and very charming. Great little side streets with restaurants and little mom pop shops. You can walk it in a day or two.

Instead, he said he been living in his camper van and sometimes with relatives. I been driving across Canada. I don want to drive right now, Webb said.”He said, doesn matter. Even in this last decade, the Lakers and Heat won titles with Shaquille O and could get away with having non scoring power forwards. But the Spurs reached the pinnacle with Tim Duncan, one of the top power forwards in the history of the game. His playoff scoring average for the four title runs was 24 points per game tops on the team as the Spurs always ran their offense through him..

Geoff will be fondly remembered for his fun loving spirit and even bigger smile. Loving husband to Rochelle (nee Brown). Honoured father to David (Janice), Tracy (Chris) and step father to Cholly Boland (Debbie). The United States has exited a number of world bodies and multilateral pacts on President Trump watch, starting with the Trans Pacific Partnership in January 2017, the month when he took office. This was followed by departures from the Paris Accord on climate change (2017), UNESCO (2017), Iran deal (2018) and UNHCR (2018). And the president has grumbled about US contributions to NATO and the United Nations and now with the World Health Organization..

She could benefit from medicine and counseling, including DBT group therapy. In the meantime, if she’d be willing, a DBT workbook (available in bookstores in the self help section or on amazon) could be a very basic place to begin. Again, I strongly believe this behavior cannot be coddled any longer.

Of that total, 6 10% is the average wattage used for lighting (usage can be as high as 25%). So on the high side we are talking about 3.06 kWh per day for light. If you were to go to your electric utility home page (or thereabouts) you will find the price you pay per kWh for electricity.

From a few weeks back at EPCOT is Mothership Earth in HDR with a little Color Efex Pro added. I admit I love this sphere day I took almost every angle possible afternoon and night. The triangular structures on the sphere create a cool 3 D effect. Kazeem Famuyide and I bring a brand new All Star edition of the Apple Buckets podcast after our weekend in the Windy City. Kaz opens the show talking about how this arguably was the best NBA All Star Weekend ever and how the NBA honored Kobe and Gianna Bryant in the best way possible. We break down the success of the new All Star Game format, outside of the game ending on a free throw.

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