But with a life sentence came another ugly reality. The police were convinced that Ochoa and Danziger had committed the crime together, and in exchange for avoiding a death sentence, Ochoa had to take Danziger down with him. “That was part of the plea bargain.

The post was a screenshot she took of “Sandy Hook Hoax,” a since banned Facebook group that claimed that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where her 6 year old daughter, Ana Grace, died, never happened.For years, conspiracy theorists flooded social media with harassment of Sandy Hook parents, falsely claiming that the mass shooting didn’t happen and that the parents were crisis actors. Victims of other traumatic events have faced similar attacks on social media platforms, often with little recourse.That began to change in recent years. Because of better content moderation and changing policies at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Sandy Hook truthers had been losing steam.But Marquez Greene is worried that an executive order President Donald Trump signed Thursday will take away social media companies’ power to crack down on “crisis actor” conspiracy theorists and trolls.Without the power to ban trolls targeting victims of tragedies, disinformation peddlers could be given de facto immunity from bans and suspensions that can come with harassing the grieving online.”Executive orders that knowingly or unknowingly greenlight harassment by conspiracy theorists, while unconscionable, seem consistent with the ethos of this administration,” Marquez Greene said.”Not everyone will survive this.

445KbAbstractIn this thesis, we study the path connectivity problem of configuration spaces of two robots that move without collisions on a connected metric graph. The robots are modelled as metric balls of positive radii. In other words, we wish to find the number of path connected components of such a configuration space.

We reopen store locations in certain markets, our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our co workers, customers and communities. As a result, the IKEA Restaurant and children play area, Sm will remain closed. The IKEA Bistro will open for takeout only.

Like Zemak, Oakley brings all the ingredients and begins each tasting with a brief history of chocolate and the evolution of chocolate consumption. Tasters begin with a cup of sumptuous hot chocolate. Then she introduces the cocoa nib, the meat of the bean, something Oakley suggests adding to a salad as a substitute for nuts..

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