Before she leaves for her reading, she says she hates speaking in public. And then I watched her make a room full of people fall in love with her, wholly and rapturously. She was poised, funny, charismatic. “This is a national pandemic that’s affecting all African Americans. It is a state of emergency. On Friday afternoon, officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with the murder of Floyd.”The standard is far too high for civil rights accountability for law enforcement officers,” Merritt said.

Gay has just published her first novel, An Untamed State. It’s a brutal account of a woman, Miri, who is kidnapped then held and raped for two weeks when her father refuses to pay a ransom. The book is harrowing: Truly, it harrows. Thespecific details of the arrangement seem pretty slim so far but Luxottica and Intel are anticipating the launch of their first product resulting from the collaboration in 2015. Intel clearly wants to become a leader in the wearable tech space, as opposed to a background player, which is what they become on mobile, with more powerful mobile chipmakers like Qualcomm stealing the spotlight.Smart eyewear still hasn proven itself as something consumers are generally very excited about, but Intel clearly doesn want to make the same mistake it did in the mobile market, which was to underestimate its ultimate eventual impact. This seems like it will be a direct attempt to build the future of consumer wearables, specifically, too, since Luxottica and its sub brands appeal primarily to that space..

He warned the legislation “might kill Hong Kong’s democratic movements.”Its passage was no surprise and hours beforehand, Pompeo tweeted Wednesday that “the United States stands with the people of Hong Kong.”A joint statement by the State Department, along with the foreign ministries of Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, said that China’s passing of the draft law was “in direct conflict with its international obligations.”They called on China to rethink the legislation, saying it raises the prospect that Hong Kongers might be prosecuted “for political crimes, and undermines existing commitments to protect the rights of Hong Kong people.”China’s annual National People’s Congress approved the framework of the law by 2,878 votes to 1. It will now go to senior party officials in the Standing Committee of the NPC to be fleshed out.Image: Riot police stand guard outside a Louis Vuitton shop during a protest against Beijing’s plans to impose national security legislation in Hong Kong (Tyrone Siu / )Either way it represents a major turning point in China’s handling of the territory.Some analysts see it as China losing patience with Hong Kong’s failure to adopt national security legislation on its own after anti government protests swept the city last year.Hong Kong, once a British colony, was handed back to China in 1997 on the agreement that it would retain for at least 50 years extra freedoms distinct from those of mainland China.This was called “one country, two systems,” and stated that Hong Kong would keep its own, more liberal systems of government, the judiciary and economy.Tara Joseph, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, described Beijing’s draft law as marking “the end of an era” for the region.”Hong Kong, in many ways, has become the new Berlin: the new meeting point of a big argument of big disagreement between two major powers, China and the United States,” she said. And other Western governments, activists are worried that Beijing is now trying to snuff out the freedoms that it promised decades ago.”Hong Kong is not as free as it was before,” said one demonstrator, part of a group of dozens of people who had gathered in downtown Hong Kong on Thursday.

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