The 2 Series Gran Coupe has a respectable interior that matches its price point for quality, but falls short of its Mercedes competitors in terms of showy design and tech. BMW’s latest design language is used inside, which gives the car a premium feeling. It’s similar to that of the 3 Series, but there are more adventurous, youthful touches like the ambient lighting that uniquely bleeds through the dash trim at night.

While we are on the subject, if you are a “messy toilet user,” make sure to clean up whatever mess you might leave behind. If you are not sure if you leave a mess behind, here is tip: look at the toilet before you leave the bathroom. If there are drips on the toilet seat, around the toilet, or anywhere else for that matter, clean it up!.

Of course, those adorable teddies were loved, quite literally at times, to death. Not all made it to the child’s adulthood. And even our dogs loved the teddy bears, apparently, since while gardening I dug one up that had carefully been buried. This season did not go the way anyone would have expected. It was a bumpy road that ended with a loss to Frederick High in the first round of the playoffs. The season taught me that without proper preparation, one cannot expect success.

Interestingly I wrote from my heart about my dad’s story years ago and the response was mixed. Many stated I should accept my dad and how dare I feel betrayed (or feel anything). I wanted to give a voice to the families and I accomplished that. Parish priests began promoting potato soup in the diet and King Louis XVI and his fashion forward queen, Marie Antoinette, wore and decorated with potato flowers as a way to encourage people to eat the tubers. Soon people were so hungry they needed no encouragement. After the fall of the Bastille in 1789, the potato became a culinary symbol of the new French Republic and the rose beds in the Tuileries gardens were dug up and replanted with potatoes..

I ended up taking 945 photos yesterday! This was my first Supercross event using my new D800. I was eager to see how it would preform during the nite racing. With my old D300 had no chance of taking any nite photos. In Japan, the series is up to 10 volumes (plus Meteor Methuselah: Th Shinigami (“The Shinigami of the East”), a one volume side story about Yuka’s father). Interestingly, the recent chapters having been published on Wings’ online site rather than in the print magazine, something which is increasingly common in manga as Japanese publishers, like American ones, try to compete with pirates and slumping magazine sales by providing their own online comics. Immortal Rain is currently racing to a conclusion, and I’m enjoying it.

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