Despite the grim reality, there is a plausible way forward that rids the idea of mandating English as the medium of instruction and strikes a clear distinction between English taught as a subject and a foreign language. A quick point for clarity: In Pakistan, English cannot be taught as a ‘second language’ as that requires the designated second language to be used extensively in one’s home country. Legally declaring English as the official language is sadly not enough, as we have seen to date.

We look at failed states and conflict regions, and convince ourselves that such will never befall us. We look at dictatorships and autocracies, and serve up the mantra that our democracy has enough safeguards to prevent a slide in that direction. We pity those embroiled in civil conflicts and confidently say our peace is permanent..

Sometimes you need a little noise to get you through things you are avoiding. When I need to organize my desk, I always turn on a podcast or music. It almost makes me look forward to that time because I know I will be singing, dancing in my seat, or learning something new..

More importantly, this phone is exactly the same size as the iPhone 8, with a 4.7 inch screen. It has the same thick borders above and below the screen, plus a capacitive home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Such designs haven’t been seen in the Android world for many years now, even at the bottom of the budget tier, and so you might not feel that this phone is modern enough..

Pistorius lawyer Brian Webber commented, “It has become necessary to sell Mr. Pistorius home in the Silver Woods Country Estate in Pretoria in order for him to raise the necessary funds to cover his increasing legal costs. This is due to the unexpected extension of the trial beyond the initial three week period for which it was originally set down.”.

Quantum entanglement, as opposed to merely classical correlation, is presented in detail within the framework of quantum mechanics. This is followed by a brief overview on the current state of knowledge about entanglement in quantum field theory and more specifically in gauge/gravity duality. The second chapter investigates a particular measure of entanglement, known as nega tivity, in the context of holographic field theories.

We went. Our first pictures were taken after the battle of Bull Run. We had a large covered wagon with two horses, and a heavy load of glass, apparatus, chemicals, and provisions We spent the winter taking views of the fortifications around Washington and places of interest for the Government.

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