TO: Being uniquely me is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the things that used to make me feel different are the things that help me now connect with this incredible, diverse, and vibrant community. Who YOU are is exactly that for you unique, special, something to celebrate. Just because some people don’t understand that does NOT make it not true..

Didn’t think of raising a Series B, he explained in an interview. We focused on the business and getting profitable we thought that we can’t depend entirely on investors. Ladies and gentleman, the irony of that is that VCs very much like a business that can self sustain it shows a model is proven and investing in a startup that doesn need capital can be attractive.

Yorkshire Dialectby Nettlemere 8 years agoYorkshire dialect looks at some key aspects of the Yorkshire accent as well as some dialect words and phrases which are still in fairly common use such as frame thissen, parky, nowt and tyke.It also covers some regional foods including Yorkshire pudding and parkin.100 Word Examples of Onomatopoeiaby BIGCSSHOP 9 months agoIn the Bat Man movies and TV series, when Robin and Bat Man would fight their enemies, onomatopoeia words would be used to express their actions. Words like: KABOOM, BANG, POW, WHACK, WHAM, BOINK, POP. Would be shown on the screen.2English as a Foreign or Second LanguageTeaching English in Taiwan in the 1970sby Paul Richard Kuehn 2 weeks agoTeaching English in Taiwan in the early 70s was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Chesil BeachThe greatest shingle beach in northwest Europe is composed of remarkably well sorted, resistant pebbles of mainly flint and chert. The pebbles increase in size towards the Isle of Portland in a consistent manner that has caused much discussion over the last two centuries. Pebbles of Triassic quartzite have derived in the past from the coast of Devon, even though now there is no direct route for them to travel by longshore drift because headlands project into fairly deep water.

Raymond had a bull on their chest. Now we do. And if All Hallows keeps playing like it did last night, that bull will keep getting bigger. Although they are elementary colors on the color wheel, when teamed together they create up for an interesting combination. Get a modern lambskin dress with these two colors combined and voila, you have for yourself stylish looking outfit, best for parties and events for women. The beauty of them is that they look outstanding just about on anyone and addition, each color looks similarly amazing on their own when combined with the right cut and trim..

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